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Brygid is integrated with POS Pizza

Brygid's online ordering platform provides seamless integration with your Summit Point of Sale (POS Pizza) to provide real-time order fulfillment and dispatch.

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A partnership made with restaurants in mind

Brygid has partnered with Summit Computer Networks to bring you an industry leading, POS Pizza integrated, online ordering solution. Let Brygid build you a custom branded, feature rich, online ordering website capable of handling the most complex pricing setups. With direct integration into your POS Pizza system, receive online orders immediately after they've been placed through your website.

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Feature rich online ordering platform

Custom designed and tailored to your needs. Our extensible platform is full of features to make ordering on your website quick and simple.

  • Advanced item customization, pricing and half & half support
  • Comprehensive support for a variety of coupons
  • Marketing, loyalty & gift card support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Analytics tracking such as Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel
  • DoorDash, Uber Eats & Postmates delivery support
  • Comprehensive delivery area enforcement
  • Flexible payment processing
  • Suggestive selling
  • No forced sign ups
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Point of sale software designed for pizza shops

POS Pizza was designed specifically for pizza and sandwich shops. With very easy to learn and teach software, POS Pizza puts you in charge of your delivery, carry-out and dine-in services.

  • Half & half topping support
  • Caller ID
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Driver dispatch
  • Make lines
  • Inventory, customer & sales reporting
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Additional Benefits

Affordable Online Ordering

Brygid has the lowest online ordering fees in the industry, some providers charge as much as $2 per order. Switch to Brygid and save! You will have the ability to absorb a nominal fee or pass it on to your shoppers, essentially receiving our service for free.

Price Check

Validate pricing at time of checkout. We will query your POS Pizza system to confirm all prices match the ones at your restaurant. In the event of a price mismatch, our system will automatically update the price to the one used in-store.

Cart Sync

Verify last minute item availability directly with your POS in real-time. Inform customers when items become out-of-stock & validate their order before checkout. Never contact a customer due to out-of-stock items again.

Immediate Order Dispatch

When an online order is placed through your website, it is dispatched immediately to your POS Pizza system. The orders will print in exactly the same way as if entered at one of your POS Pizza stations, with new customers automatically being added to your customer database.

Half & Half Toppings

Complex pricing calculations for setups involving buy one get one free, buy one get one half off, and many more! Customize items with additional toppings, removals, substitutions and offer half & half pizza options.

Customer Database

Increase sales and encourage repeat ordering by marketing to customers that have already placed an order through your website. New customers that order online will automatically be added to your POS Pizza customer database. With delivery and address information updated in real-time.

* Feature not available through your POS Pizza system with easy setup ordering platforms.

Ready to get started?

Follow these simple steps to start receiving online orders through your POS Pizza system today!

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Sign up with Brygid

The process is simple. Contact us today for a custom quote and information on how we can have you up and running quickly, accepting orders with your own custom branded website.

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Get POS Pizza software

POS Pizza is a low cost system designed with Pizza shops in mind. Handle your delivery, carry-out and dine-in orders with ease. Download a version of the software and get started today.

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Get Connected

Your Brygid dedicated account manager will help with connecting your new online ordering website and your POS Pizza system. Accepting online orders is really that simple.

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