Online Ordering

Brygid Restaurants Online (BRO) Online Ordering Platform

With the click of a mouse, customers can order food, gift certificates, and merchandise directly from your restaurant's website. Ordering takeout, delivery or dine-in could not be any easier!

Bro Online Ordering
A Branded Restaurant Website

Our service includes a custom designed online ordering website. Using your logo, colors, themes, and pictures, we work directly with you to design a website that showcases your brand.

If you already have an existing website, we will match the look and feel, providing a seamless transition from your website to the online ordering for your customers.

No Logins Required, Just Click and Order

No account creation, logins or passwords. Our sites are designed with the least number of steps required to place an online order. Your customers can quickly view your menus, select items, and place their order.

Ordering on the Go

Why bother with expensive, hard to maintain, platform specific apps when you can have a fully functional mobile web application. Extend your reach with your very own mobile optimized website. Our platform supports iPhone, Android and Blackberry without the need to download an app.

Brygid's Mobile Ordering Platform offers many advantages:
Secure and safe. We utilize the latest encryption and security standards.
Works seamlessly with your in store point of sales (POS) system, fax/email or IP printer
100% web based mobile platform utilizing the latest in mobile standards and technology.
No expensive apps to develop. No downloads required! Easy, quick and simple to use.
Mobile Ordering
Your Menus At Their Fingertips

On average, people who order food online spend 20-30% more than with traditional phone in orders. Don’t miss out on that extra revenue simply by placing your menus directly in their hands. A mobile optimized website is included as part of our online ordering solution.

How Orders Are Sent To Your Restauraunt

Online orders can be transmitted to a single restaurant or to a centralized call center through POS integration, Fax, Email or IP Printer. Online orders can be transmitted to a single restaurant or to a centralized call center through POS integration, Fax, Email or IP Printer.

Point of Sale Integration

We are partnered with a number of POS Vendors to provide integrated online ordering. When your customer orders online their orders are sent directly to your restaurants in store POS system.

Email/Fax Solution

Orders can be faxed or emailed to individual stores or a centralized call center. All email/fax orders are followed up with a live phone call from our call center to ensure you receive your orders.

IP Printer Solution

Your online orders can also be sent directly to a network receipt printer. It will print out just like any other receipt or ticket.

Your Online Orders Are Brygid's #1 Priority!

We provide live order monitoring, call center support and order confirmation as part of our service. This ensures that you will never miss an order, allowing you to focus on running your restaurant.

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